Retirement and economic meltdown

This is the kind of news most of us do not want to hear and we tend to ignore it as it is unpleasant to say the least. To some, this is nothing more than more scary or frightening propaganda passed on by unhappy people, who seem to enjoy causing discomfort to others. To yet others, this is a warning alert sent out in order to prepare our citizens for some very bad times ahead in our nation’s future, and we can all hope and pray that it never gets as bad as suggested in the below article. Even if it becomes only half as bad as suggested, then we will still have issues at home that are far beyond what we have ever experienced thus far.

When we think at the possible effects of our cities , towns, and counties running low or out of monies, the only solutions are raising taxes and those easiest to tap are those owning their properties as otherwise those properties can be confiscated under foreclosure rulings, and then one has to determine where they can afford to live and if they can afford other than maybe the eking out of a living. Furthermore, cities, towns, and counties will have to delay road repairs and such, as well as laying off workers at one end and having to hire more security and first responder forces at the other end. No matter how that is done it will be difficult for all in the end. Worse yet, if we cannot properly fund our city, county, and local needs, then we will not be able to fund our multi-billion dollar military needs with up-to-date items as aircraft, ships, etc.

Our present day military forces stand at 1/2 the numbers that we had during the peace time era albeit called the “Cold War,” and even so, we most likely will not be able to sustain the present numbers of our present day forces. Eventually, parts will then become in short supply for those items of equipment now in our national and military inventories. Additionally, future innovations and planned purchases will have to be delayed or simply removed from future outlays of funding. Worse yet, we have many enemies both from within and without who are seeking the demise of our once great nation, and that makes us subject to attack and possible conquest, and eventual subjugation by foreign entities.

Our main enemies are the Communists and Jihadists/Radical Muslims, and the only thing that has been blocking their take- over in many parts of the world has been the USA, and if we fall or falter then they will proceed with their repeated and well publicized goals of world conquest. It is that simple, yet many of our own leaders try to obfuscate this basic and common sense truth of it all, with scholarly verbiage or legal terms, or with suggestions of appeasement, or else by demeaning or ranting against our past administrations and our national history as well. Sometimes, we Americans are our own worst enemy.

If we Americans continue to be concerned more with the death of an entertainer like Michael Jackson than in who is running our nation into the ground and why, then there is little hope of reversing the below trends. We still have the time and ability to correct much of this, but it will require American citizens to become much more educated and concerned with national and international issues, and to vote out those who are the cause of much of these present day problems and issues, than has been shown by most of us to date.

If the below projection is accurate, anyone drawing a government retirement, especially a state or city retirement, could be effected by that entity going broke in the next 2-3 years. California brought their problems on themselves (unchecked illegal invasion from Mexico that swelled the welfare/entitlement rolls, sky high property taxes, ridiculous environmental regulations, and so on that forced many companies to move out of state taking their taxes and jobs with them). Other states, such as New York, Tax chooses, and others are not far behind. This is the direct result of globalist and liberal politics (moving companies overseas, which reduces the jobs, thereby reducing the tax base etc.). This country is in for a serious collapse. Better get you and your families ready for the worst. Our government pension checks may be in serious jeopardy.

Thought you might be interested in reading this.

Dr. David Bronner, CEO of the Alabama Retirement Systems, the 43rd largest investment fund in America, spoke at Rotary Club here yesterday. He is one of the most respected fund controllers in the United States today by his peers.

Bronner had the following to say:

1) Next month, July, California hits the wall financially, that will send a ripple effect across the US economy, AND over the next two years one state after the other will fall to its knees financially as the federal government stimulus package ends by 2011. It has helped various states at different levels comparative to their economic condition. He says the stimulus package is what’s

been keeping the states alive for now…except for California which was in such terrible shape the stimulus package wasn’t enough to really help them. “They go first” He said Alabama would hit the wall in February of 2011, late in the game as Alabama is in better shape than other states. Bronner says Alabama might dodge the bullet if the economy revives enough by then. But, he doesn’t really think things will improve enough by then to avoid a crisis…”It will be the largest economic crisis in the history of the State of Alabama”

Bronner says Alabama will experience such significant shortfalls by 2011 that taxes will have to be raised substantially to avoid collapse…probably on property. And that practically all states will face a similar fate.

2) Within 120 to 150 days from now the commercial real estate market nationally begins to collapse as stores, malls, and shopping strips, and industrial plant have enough closures (store and plant) and loss of rental revenue to make them unable to pay their mortgages. They will start going into foreclosure unable to pay their mortgages in a significant way at that time

creating a second wave of economic disaster starting three to four months from now.

3) Unless oil stays above $70 a barrel Russian and Mexican economics will begin to unravel as countries (“socio-economic collapse”) economies require that much from oil to have an adequate revenue stream to feed their people and economies. AND, the only other big revenue stream for Mexico is illegal drugs sold in the US…so their economy will intensify their focus on selling drugs in America as a result in order to survive if oil doesn’t stay above $70…he said $90 would be better for them.

4) The US economy (according to Bronner) is today like a patient in the emergency room in the process of having a heart attack. He said people tend to think of it as being in the hospital for cancer or chronic disease. Without the huge Bush stimulus, and then the huge Obama stimulus, the economy would have already flat lined…(i.e. we’d be experiencing a Great Depression style

economic collapse heading toward 25% unemployment or so as the tumble would have continued and intensified at an increasing rate, with the stock market hitting around 2,000) Bronner said the depth of the crisis was greater than ANYONE realized and agrees today, after learning the extent of the crisis, that the federal government simply had to start “shoveling” money at it to prevent a true and complete collapse of our economy.. He said he, at first, was mad at this shoveling of money until he learned the truth about the amount of money necessary to prevent a total collapse which he believes would have happened.

5) Inflation will not arrive for 3 to 5 years as the economy is in a deflationary stage due to the economic plummet…and will not experience inflation until people start “buying things” again, and that’s going to take a while! He also believes 3 to 5 years is probably the term until true economic recovery establishes in the US and world economy.

6) China must start selling their products to people in their own country and paying their workers enough to buy them. This would increase their products prices, reducing their exports (and “besides they will lose interest in having more US dollars anyway”) and enabling other countries (US) to compete with them.

7) The greatest threat to the US economy is one of around 9 world events that could heap misery on top of misfortune at exactly the wrong time. A nuclear incident with N Korea, a plague, Israel attacking Iran (oil shock), or such could still throw the US economy into a Great Depression style situation. He said the greatest risk of this is anytime from now until the world economy gets somewhat back on its feet…in 3 to 5 years.

You may or may not believe it. But, at least it’s from a credible and intelligent source.


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