No News is Good News was intended to publish and post all those email I received in my in-box pertaining to everything and anything deem interesting, but mostly they are news to me.  It all started when  my dad who mainly uses the computer to send and received email.  After showing him the rope of what he can and can’t do with the use of email that’s when the system got (abuse) worse.

I rarely get email about day to day personal “what’s up” but I get forwarded email from him.  Months has pass and years has gone I insisted that what he is sending out is junk email, so after repeated request to stop sending me all of his junk email I finally gave in and not even bother asking him to stop doing it anymore.  Now I received a couple of dozen email a day from him and weeded out the truly junk email to something news to me.  Now I turn that “news” and post it on my blog, so if in doubt if it’s news to me it might be news to you.

Instead of forwarding his “junk” mail through email I posted them here and elminate those string of email I would have forward to others.  This is the stopping point and what is posted here is up for grab.  The unique, funny, news, and strange things coming through email will eventually be posted here, so keep checking and come back often if you like to read something different every day.


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